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Ashley is a CrossFit coach at CrossFit Ridgeline in Morgantown, WV. She recently completed her graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Ohio University (May 2019). Formerly, Ashley attended Liberty University and graduated summa cum laude in 2017 with a BS in Psychology. After completing 17 years of competitive gymnastics, 3 of which on the collegiate level, Ashley has found a new passion within the fitness industry: CrossFit. As a coach, athlete, and recently engaged fiance, Ashley wishes to share her faith and fitness journey with other women to empower them to achieve the peak of excellence.

My "Why"

And So She Thrives is intended to be a source of empowerment for women seeking to be their best selves in the pursuit of their best lives. I believe that the ultimate empowerment comes from one true source, Jesus Christ, and our eternal purposes lie in pure pursuit of Him. Thus, this space was created as a launching point from which women can be encouraged to pursue Christ while simultaneously pursuing their dreams.



Over the last few months of 2017, I believe that God laid the word 'thrive' on my heart as a means of encouragement and striving. I've noticed that God likes to speak to and inspire me via mantras like this one, serving as a place to ground myself while enduring challenging seasons of my life. After an extremely difficult 8 months of heart breaks and big life changes, the word of that time, 'prepare', transformed into 'thrive'. God knew it was time for me to step out of my comfort zone and into my calling: to grow well (i.e. thrive) and empower other women to do so along side me. I also believe that God gives us various talents and passions to glorify Him, and in doing so, I'm excited to use fitness as a platform to pursue Christ. I'm so excited you've chosen to join me in this journey!

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