How’s Your Sleep? Review of FNX Relax Sleep Aid

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Hi friends! This is the first post I will be publishing to all of the new subscribers! I hope you all have enjoyed the posts I had pre-uploaded (is that a word?) to the site and gleaned some valuable information.

In this post, I am going to create a review of the FNX Fitness “Relax” Sleep Aid and tell you how it has benefitted my training, productivity, and life thus far!


For starters, the capsules ONLY include two ingredients: magnesium and melatonin. Thus, this product is extremely clean and you only are putting chemicals into your body that you’re actually aware.  YAY! Second disclaimer, I have never taken a sleep aid, or supplements in general, until I started my brand ambassadorship with FNX Fitness, so this review is purely based on the products that I’ve tried – which is only one. My scope of expertise is extremely limited; however I am proud of the brand I support and wanted to share the benefits with all of you!

Why I Tried Relax Sleep Aid

 I began taking the sleep aid 3 weeks ago when I received my order and began my partnership with FNX. The sleep aid purchase was on a whim because I haven’t slept well in months. I’ve suffered from anxiety for the greater part of my life (being a Type A personality will do that to you) and my sleep tends to be one of the largest facets that is disrupted during times when my anxiety flares. At this point when I began taking the capsules, I was waking up on average 2-4 times a night. It also took me 30mins to an hour to fall asleep initially. I never felt rested and had to take naps almost every day – and I’m not talking power naps, I’m talking at least an hour and a half or more. Needless to say, I was exhausted and began to notice how the lack of recovery in my sleep was impacting my academics, training, and overall life.

My Little Experiment

Thus, I tried the sleep aid. However, I didn’t want to just try it and “guestimate”, if you will, if the aid was actually doing what it was supposed to – aiding my sleep. So, I began to track my sleep each night with an app called Sleep Cycle. You begin the app at the beginning of the night when you get into bed, lay it beside your bed on a night stand or even on your mattress, and plug your phone in to charge for the night. While you’re asleep, the app tracks your sleep cycles by analyzing your breathing and movement patterns. It then wakes you up within a half hour interval that you set the night before during a natural time when you're body is at the top of a cycle. How cool is that!? In the morning, sleep cycle creates a profile of your night’s sleep, including a graph of your sleep-wake patterns, the time spent in bed, quality of sleep, etc. The app is completely free and the premium version has even more features! Below I have attached screenshots for 6 nights of sleep analysis, 3 nights from before using the sleep aid and 3 nights from after beginning to use the sleep aid.


As you can tell, this thing does WONDERS. Not only do the graphs display more even sleep patterns and less time falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night, I feel overall more refreshed, have more energy, and need less naps to get through the day. I would highly recommend using a natural sleep aid if you struggle with similar issues that I did. Even more so, I recommend FNX and use discount code FNXGRIM15 for 15% off your purchase. 😉

Last Thoughts

A few more things to consider before jumping on the supplement/sleep aid band wagon:

  1. If you’re unsure how your body will react to a sleep aid, talk to your doctor first! Especially if you’re taking other medications and are unsure how the medications will react with one another. Rather be safe than sorry!
  2. Initially, it took my body a few nights to adjust to the sleep aid. There definitely was not a magically switch that occurred during my first night. However, by the third or fourth use, I noticed a difference in the quality of my sleep.
  3. Another important change that I have made to my lifestyle to enhance my sleep is to not consume any caffeine after 2pm. UGH, I know. 2pm is usually when I feel my groggiest and need an afternoon pick-me-up. However, because caffeine can take up to a full 8 hours to completely leave your system, if you consume caffeine any time after 2, your body may have a harder time falling asleep at night (depending on your typical bedtime that is).
  4. Attempt to keep your bed time and wake up time consistent throughout the week. It’s tempting to sleep in when we have nothing pressing in the morning, but a consistent sleep schedule will make your recovery in your sleep more efficient! I have also been implementing this into my routine and have noticed a large, positive difference.
  5. Lastly, always always ALWAYS listen to your body. If you need more sleep, sleep more. If you need less, sleep less. If the melatonin-magnesium combination isn’t working, change it. Do what is best for you!

I hope this review was helpful to those interested in sleep/recovery and you’re able to adapt your lifestyle to train, perform, and live optimally!



NOTE: Your body can develop a tolerance to melatonin quickly. Thus, starting with a low dosage (between 1-3mg) is best. If you have questions concerning dosage, seek out your primary care doctor!

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