2019 Resolutions Part II

2019 Resolutions Part II

As I wrote in my last post, this year I have decided to focus on the theme of being open: open to God, open to opportunities, open to experiencing everything in full without hesitation (good or bad). In addition to this theme, I have some concrete goals, as well as some tips for you to use for your resolutions!

I’ll start with laying out some guidelines for setting goals and making resolutions. Goals are best attained when they are ‘SMART’: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.


Your goals should be specific and concrete. Let’s use the example of being ‘healthier’ in the new year, but what does healthy mean to you? Does that mean to exercise more, eat more veggies, or increase your mental wellbeing? ‘Healthy’ is an extremely broad term that can be simplified and specified down to a more concrete aspect of health.


After you’ve specified your goal, it’s time to create a scale by which to measure your progress. To continue the example about becoming healthier, say you decide to eat more vegetables. You then must decide what more means: does that mean eating a serving of vegetables in at least one meal a day? 3 days a week? Creating a measure turns ‘more’ into a number by which you can track your results. You either did or you didn’t, simple and efficient!

Achievable & Realistic

Now that you’ve narrowed down your goal and made it measurable, you need to make sure that it’s achievable, i.e. doable, realistic, a high likelihood for success. We want to make sure that at the end of a particular timeframe (we’ll get there in the next point), you can check off the box that your goal has been completed. If the goal you set was to eat more vegetables and you decide that your goal was to eat 20 servings of vegetables a day, this is unlikely to happen. Dead end goals don’t gain momentum, so you want to set goals that are likely to lead to success and thus to gain momentum to set and complete other goals in the future.


Lastly, you want to create a deadline for your goal. To finish off the healthy eating example, the goal can be adjusted to: eat 3 servings of vegetables a day for a month. This creates a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goal. There is a scale by which to measure success; there is an end date for the goal; and 3 servings of veggies is attainable and realistic (and actually recommended).

There you have it! Now you’re ready to set not only a smart goal but a SMART goal for 2019! 😉 In terms of New Year’s resolution, it may be wise to break up the goal into chunks, e.g. from January to March I want to achieve __________, etc.

With our acronym in mind, I’ll lay out my goals for all of you!

Pray intentionally every day for a year. By intentional I mean sitting in the quiet and spending time with God, whether that be journaling or audibly. I want to get away from just passively praying.

Do a ROMWOD routine every day for a year. ROMWOD is an offset guided yoga and stretching (range-of-motion) routine directed toward CrossFit athletes. My flexibility has always been a weakness and it’s been obvious to me since I started training seriously that brute strength is NOT everything. So, in an attempt to attack this weakness, I want to follow through with the subscription I pay for. And at the end of the year if I accomplish this goal, I’ll reward myself with a ROMWOD t-shirt or sweatshirt J (Incentives are powerful things!).

Read 25 books in a year. I love reading but I tend to put it on the back burner when school and work get stressful. As a way of prioritizing my self-care, this goal is definitely high on my list of resolutions.

Increase content and consistency of posts on my blog. My blog got away from me last year and I’d like to begin fresh this year by vamping up my website! I have big goals for writing and this will be a baby-step towards these pursuits.

Keep a budget. This is simple because it’s something I don’t do. I’m horrible with money and it makes me anxious. I’m hoping by keeping a budget, money won’t make me squirm as much as it does now. Anyone feel me?

Practice more mindfulness. This goal is intentionally vague. I want to practice mindfulness, whether that be meditating, focusing on breathing during ROMWOD routines, or rerouting my thoughts as I drive down the highway, I want to become more present-minded and less future orientated (hopefully aiding in decreasing my overall anxiety).

I realize I have A LOT of goals for the year, but they cover various sectors of my life and push me towards the long-term goals I have set for myself for my future career, athletic training, and overall quality of life. I also hope that the tips I provided aid you in finding success in your resolutions for 2019!

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